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Home Buyers Guide for 2015

This Home Buyers Guide for 2015 is jam-packed with helpful information about buying a home. It features insights from experts in the real estate industry into where mortgage rates might be going throughout the year as well as the average net worth … [Read more]

For Sale By Owner Vs Using a Broker to Sell Your Home

Important information for the For Sale By Owner trying to sell their home on their own. There's a rule of economics; A service or product that has no value will cease to exist in the marketplace. When was the last time you used a pay phone or … [Read more]

Mortgage Rate Projections for 2015

This is great stuff on mortgage rate projections for 2015. If you don't know the implications of these mortgage rates, feel free to drop me a line at (631)468-4867. Tom McGiveron, CBR (Certified Buyer Representative) Licensed Broker … [Read more]

Long Island Real Estate Market Update 3rd Quarter 2014

Access our exclusive Long Island Real Estate Market Update for the 3rd Quarter. The data shows what I'd already discussed with many of my clients back in August. The prices on Long Island stabilized while the market pace slowed. With … [Read more]

Real Estate Return on Investment

Despite the market downturns, side turns, upswings and slowdowns, real estate return on investment over the last 14 years is nothing just short of incredible. Where's your money invested? Source: Yahoo & Case Shiller Join me on … [Read more]