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Mortgage Rate Projections for 2015

This is great stuff on mortgage rate projections for 2015. If you don't know the implications of these mortgage rates, feel free to drop me a line at (631)468-4867. Tom McGiveron, CBR (Certified Buyer Representative) Licensed Broker … [Read more]

Long Island Real Estate Market Update 3rd Quarter 2014

Access our exclusive Long Island Real Estate Market Update for the 3rd Quarter. The data shows what I'd already discussed with many of my clients back in August. The prices on Long Island stabilized while the market pace slowed. With … [Read more]

Real Estate Return on Investment

Despite the market downturns, side turns, upswings and slowdowns, real estate return on investment over the last 14 years is nothing just short of incredible. Where's your money invested? Source: Yahoo & Case Shiller Join me on … [Read more]

The Market Slowdown

I just wanted to get some information up on the web about what's happening in the market here on Long Island. I recently sent an email to all my sellers about the bloated market we have. If you've been reading some of my past content, you know … [Read more]

Buyer Purchasing Power

Measuring the home buyer purchasing power is a very powerful tool for my clients. I like to show them the importance of paying close attention to the mortgage rates and other financial indicators that impact rates. Here in these graphs, I take my … [Read more]