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Buyers Agency

Your real estate transaction is one of the most important financial decisions of your life. As a full-time real estate professional, I understand this and want you to be fully aware of your representation options.

“Agency” in real estate refers to the nature of the fiduciary responsibility that exists between you and I, your real estate professional. Having a complete understanding of the nautre of this relationship is the first step to working together to achieve your real estate goals.

Only after signing a legally binding document do I become your agent. As your agent, I now have a legal obligation to insure the protection of your best interests in every facet of the transaction.

Traditionally, real estate professionals worked mostly as agents of the seller, not the buyer. Their loyalties and responsibilities rested with those of the seller. Most agents, even today, work with buyers as “sub-agents” for the seller which keeps the seller’s interests ahead of the buyer’s!

In the largest financial transaction of your life, isn’t it prudent to have your interests represented fully?

Buyers can retain my services as their buyer agent. I work for you, the buyer! To learn more about the benefits of allowing me to represent you, please call 1.631.587.1700, ext. 51.


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