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Welcome to our podcast! The purpose of The Not Just Real Estate Podcast is twofold. One, if you’ve ever wanted to get to know who you’re working with as a consumer, this is a way for you to see Colleen and I (and our team members and guests) from an authentic out-of-the-real-estate-box angle – kind of like “welcome to our world”. Two, we’ll get to know what you want to learn about and provide valuable information that’s short, sweet and to the point and all about Long Island, houses, music, technology, sports, real estate, people, etc.

So without further ado…
Our latest podcast: Episode 5
Listen to “Episode 5 – Commitment” on Spreaker.
Listen to the rest of our podcasts at The Not Just Real Estate Podcast on Spreaker

As we build our podcast rss feed and design the content and release some podcasts, we’ll be updating this page.

For now, you can hit us up on Instagram @mcgiveronteam and facebook (pc link) (mobile link).

Let’s connect.

If you’re a business that would like to create a relationship with us, please follow on instagram and then comment on our latest post that you’re following. From there, we’ll hit you back and DM you for a brief interview.

Note: We only connect and keep connections with authentic, transparent and quality companies offering valuable service and/or products to consumers and the public. If you’re not the above, do not bother or waste your time.

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