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Home Surround Sound Theater Systems: Sonos 5.1

If you're looking for a home surround sound system that gets great reviews, check out the Sonos 5.1 home theater system. For only $1,700! Get the whole write up here - … [Read more]

Home Illumination: Popular LED Lights

If you're looking for the latest in home illumination, the GE Enbrighten is among the most popular LED lights system. These can be motion-activated and touch-activated and provide a lifetime of bright (or dimmed) lighting. For more … [Read more]

Home Automation Made Affordable

Home automation is becoming a hot item more now than ever due to lower pricing. From opening the front door with the tap of a hand, to installing a smart video door bell, the costs are reasonable. Skybell installs a smart video doorbell … [Read more]

Home Automation Light Switches

So you want to know who makes the best home automation light switches? This article gives the winner - Ankuoo, GE+Quirky were among the best. Great … [Read more]

The Nest Thermostat System – Very Cool

Have you heard about the Nest thermostat system? Any thoughts on it versus a regular programmable thermostat system? Here's a link to the Nest system - (their home page) - I'm looking to install this in my own home? If you're … [Read more]