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The Long Island Housing Podcast

If you would like to speak with me, call/text (631)831-9048 or you can book an appointment online . All appointments are no obligation. Home Value Evaluations are free and comprehensive.
"Give me 22 minutes and I’ll give you the housing market!"
In my podcast, The Long Island Housing Podcast, I pull no punches. No where else will you get the information you’re looking for that matters.
I tell it like it is and offer homeowners, home buyers and investors the information on the housing market like Bruce Lee delivering a roundhouse to the face! (Ouch!)
Except this podcast doesn’t hurt. It helps.
Your bottom line is my focus on the podcast. Every episode is 22 minutes or less and is filled with facts and trends of our local housing market.
Every episode is designed with you in mind. I get right to the point and within 22 minutes, you'll know on each episode, how the market is doing.
    Find Out:
  • Are prices increasing or leveling off?
  • Is it a buyers market or sellers market?
  • Should I buy a home now or wait?
  • What areas of the Island have the best opportunities for buyers?
  • Mortgage rate Update & Impact
Listen to the podcast here TomMcGiveron.com/Podcast
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Seller & Buyer Toolkit

Would you like to buy your next house without all the headaches and hassles? Or maybe you're thinking of selling and you don't know where to start.
The good news is, you've come to the right place!
I mean, I call myself "THE HOME SALES EXPERT", so I better have the goods to deliver on that! My "secret" is...I focus on your needs. Yes, I'm a Licensed Broker Associate and a Certified Buyer Representative with over 15 years of experience.
Yes I've sold over 300 homes and over $110,000,000 in real estate.
Yes I've received numerous awards throughout my illustrious career...but I digress.
😄 😄 😄
Hopefully, you like my sense of humor. Anyway, I offer you a way to get a ton of information about selling and buying on my Youtube Channel.
    My "Toolkits" can help you:
  • prepare your home for sale
  • know What questions to ask a real estate agent when selling
  • Learn Simple Home Search Strategies
  • Get your offer accepted!
  • Much, Much more!
You can access all these videos on my Youtube Channel Playlists:
Home Buyer Toolkit On Youtube
Home Seller Toolkit On Youtube
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Become a ninja buyer

Beyond the Home Buyer Toolkit is my Ninja Home Buyer Course. In this course, I enhance and organize all the info you'll need to buy like a professional investor.
    No Obligation | Completely FREE
    My Ninja Buyer Course will give you:
  • Enhanced Home Search Strategies
  • Peace of Mind knowing you're buying the right house at the right price with the best financing options
  • Every single detail about the home buying process
  • free consultation with real estate attorneys
For more details you can visit TomMcGiveron.com/Ninja

Enhanced Custom Home Search

  • Allows for Home Searching That Is:
  • Streamlined
  • Results Driven
  • Accurate
  • Just type in the town, school district or zip and click Search.
This search is through the OneKey MLS system and includes the most accurate home listing data throughout Long Island.
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