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We tried to sell our first home for two years and with no luck (it was on a busy street). We went through three different realtors. Thomas finally came in the picture and was like a juggernaut and voila, our home was sold! He made it look easy.

KerryAnn C.

Past Home Seller, Bay Shore

Brought To You By Tom McGiveron

I have been licensed since 2007.

If you own a home right now or you're thinking of buying one, you may want to know the market value before you consider selling or buying. That's why I created this website.
From past and current clients to all of the investors that I work with, I've made it my mission to make sure they're up-to-date on home values.
After the collapse of home values in 2008-2012, a lot of folks wonder if that will happen again. You may be thinking that could happen again sooner than later.
So the two things I do to keep my clients and folks like you informed about the housing market is I offer these free home value reports and I host the Long Island Housing Podcast.
My podcast just features how many homes are for sale and what the average/median selling prices are on Long Island - each month. If you'd like to know the specific value of your home or you need help figuring out if you should buy a certain home or not, feel free to call me direct at (631)831-9048. Thanks for visiting my website here.

Tom sends me my house report each month. I like them because they're easy to read and understand. I've been getting them for years. I've referred Tom a few times to friends and he's done a great job for them. If I ever sell, I'll be sure to use Tom McGiveron! Very nice young man.

Lucy M.

Homeowner, Bohemia

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