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Thursday, July 9th 

2:00PM - 2:30PM

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Attendees Will Receive

  • A Complete Overview of the Housing Market
  • Great Search Tips to Buy Low
  • Search Tool That Produces Results
  • Guide to Make Your Offer Irresistible
  • Tips to Save Money and Avoid Pitfalls

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Who's this for?

If you plan to actually buy a home in 2020 and invest in real estate, then this webinar is 100% for you!
I will be covering the state of the Long Island housing market. I will be covering the pace of how quickly homes are selling and how you can capitalize on getting the home you desire as opposed to being outbid.  



Who's Presenting?

Thomas McGiveron  is a licensed Real Estate Agent with Vylla Home Real Estate Services. His knowledge of the real estate market and the property purchase and sale process has helped him create amazing relationships with his clients. 

His dedication to the real estate sales industry has culminated in a bold and new way of "doing business". In the new real estate sales market, virtual and "digital selling" is here and consumers need more. 

More knowledge in a world full of "information". More caring in a world full of "emotion". More confidence. More experience. Tom believes in results and this webinar and everything he does, he strives for the correct answers and solutions to peoples questions, frustrations, concerns, and needs. 

To hire Tom to sell your home, buy your home or both, you can reach him at (631)831-9048. Please sign up for the webinar. The 30 minutes will be worth your time. Thank you for visiting.

You can also schedule an initial meeting with Tom via phone conference or video chat. Click here to schedule a meeting. Thank you.

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